The End

It's really over this time.

Sad news from thing town. The royalty payments increases are killing us. And we have received news from the company that monitors our stream and assesses our royalty fees that starting June 1st, we are required to run our stream through their player, where adds will be tacked on. I realize that these increased royalties are putting them in a bind as much as us, and they are trying to find creative ways to increase revenue. However, I don't want to junk up our stream with commercials. And if we don't run the commercials, our royalty prices will increase yet again. I had hoped that we might get a little help from the listeners in the form of donations, but that hasn't happened, and I'm tapped out. So, sometime between now and the end of the month, we're shutting it down. Thanks for everyone who has listened throughout the years. I've enjoyed your emails and comments. And a special thanks for those who've donated your cash to keep us going! Your guys rock! Listen while you can! Thing out!